Death From Above

Death From Above 1.0

Death From Above 1.0 is a game where you fly bi-planes during a war
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Death From Above 1.0 is a game where you fly bi-planes during a war. You´re a home guard pilot that will have to defend his homeland, by defeating the enemies that attack it in the air and on the ground. You will have to fly your plane, shooting to another planes and bombing tanks and other enemy vehicles. This game doesn´t need to be installed. It only consists of an executable file that you can run from any drive. In Death From Above you will control your bi-plane by using the cursor movement keys. You can play in three modes: Flight School, Campaign and Sopwith Mode. Flight School is the learning mode. In Campaign Mode you will fight several World War I battles, flying with other pilots. Sopwith Mode is an Atari clone, much simpler and using only CGA Graphics. (For those kids out there, CGA stands for Color Graphics Adapter, a very old graphics card that was capable of showing only four, very ugly, colors). You will see an instructor giving you guidelines before each battle, telling you how to guide your plane and fire your weapons.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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